Preparing Your Home for Sale

Prepare Your Home for Sale

You want the house to feel roomy yet cozy. You would be amazed at how your house will look after de-cluttering. Store non-essential items in totes and put them in the closet, garage, or even rent a storage space.

Rearrange Furniture
Many people have a hard time imagining what a room will look like with their furniture or how to place them. Make sure to arrange furniture in a way that doesn’t make the room feel smaller. Make sure the rooms have plenty of light!

Remove most personal photographs. You want the buyers to be able to focus on the home and develop a personal connection to the home, not to who currently lives there. Leaving a few personal items is fine as long as it reflects the decor.

Clean Inside and Out
This is not your everyday cleaning. You want the house to look new and refreshing. Wipe down cupboards to make them shine, clean out your refrigerator, clean grout, re-caulk tubs, showers, and sinks, dust everything especially right before showings, vacuum, wax floors, etc. Having your carpet cleaned professionally can go a long way.

Have the exterior of your house power-washed and clean up landscaping.

People are attracted to neutral colors. Paint your walls neutral and use decors to add accent colors. Make sure to paint the exterior of your home, too. And don’t forget the mailbox!

Make Minor Repairs
When buyers move into a new home, the last thing they want to worry about is repairs. Think of what you would want the house to look like when you move in. Patch holes in walls, replace cracked tile, fix faucet leaks, etc.

Minor Upgrades
Update light fixtures, window treatments, and other worn-out fixtures. If something major such as your kitchen and flooring need updating, consult first with your real estate agent. Your listing price may not have much room to go up as you want your house to be competitive with other houses on the market. Your listing price depends on how much similar homes in the area sold recently or are for sale in the neighborhood. You may not get back the money you invest in upgrades. Not investing in major upgrades will leave enough room for negotiation.

Professional Home Staging

Hiring a professional home stager may not be as expensive as you might think. If your home has not sold in several months, and you are thinking about reducing the listing price, consult a professional stager. Instead of reducing your listing price by, say, $3000, spend that $3000 or even less to stage your home, and your home can look like a model home that everyone would love! Soon, they will forget the fact that your house may not have a big yard or granite counter tops!

Staging doesn’t have to cost thousands. There are many things they can suggest and do for only a few hundred.

Staging is an excellent idea for vacant homes as professionally staged homes tend to sell quicker.